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Product Design - Web & Tablet

Project Type

Product Design - Tablet / Web / Mobile


Product Designer

My Deliverables

User Flows, Wireframes, Prototypes, UX Design, UI Design

This integrated product is designed for a privately held technology company serving detention centers, detainees and detainee families. The mission of Cicuro is to provide detainees and families with affordable ways to communicate and entertain, while detention center administrators can monitor and support customer activity.

As the Product Designer I provided user flows, wireframes and high fidelity visual design for a tablet platform, tablet chat application, and separate web applications for customers and administrators.

Detainee testing on the messaging app has been overwhelmingly successful. Feedback includes (the following are direct quotes from users - spelling and grammar mistakes have not been corrected for authenticity)...

“ makes me feel like I almost have a normal relationship...”
“this is the first text from jail lol... I can't wait to FaceTime.. if all jails were like this I wouldn't mind doing time..."
“It feels so amazing talking to the one you love!”
“I feel a little better that we texting . I feel that you're out”
“...yes I'm hanging strong, this tablet helps me out like crazy I feel some what normal for 4 hours.”
“Yeah it's 14 a week, it a tablet with about 28 game on it it's just keep my mind right”
“This tablet is really cool I have some Nigerian musics on it too”
“Cool a little bit like home and we can text lol”
“This makes things a little more bearable I think”

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